"The Guardian Angels of the Forest”

With the revenue of your purchases we will further invest in our Fair Trade and Protection program supporting 2000 families to focus 100% on Reforestation, harvesting our ingredients and an Ethnic Development and conservation platform for the Native Indians. All these families whom rely daily on farming, logging and cattle breeding to earn their daily bread, will no longer need to rely on those trades. They can go back to taking care of the forest and become Stewards of the forest. We will provide them with sufficient financial backing, enabling them to become a part of our enterprise. They will plant with us and for us and will reclaim their land, their home and ensure the survival of their Ethnic Culture. Together we are "The Guardian Angels of the Forest" protecting The Amazon Rainforest. We are in the process of achieving this through 2 larger projects for which we are obtaining funds and investing them in valuable projects.


Please review our movie on the "Flying Rivers" on this page to understand the importance of our project and our enterprises.

The Indiginous Tribe School Project

Our founder and inspirer Jaime Ocampo-Rangel has always been passionate and interested by Indiginous tribes, cultural heritage and the tradition of it. During his travels for “Memory of colors” – a photography project in collaboration with UNESCO, he noticed the imminent danger being present to the loss of Cultural Heritage of Indiginous tribes around the world.

Being married to a Brazilian he decided to point his arrows towards Brazil, due to the personal attachment to the country and it’s people. From his previous travels there was still the existing relationship with the Kayapo, Xavante and Cipia Tribes, hence he decided to start a project for the ”Tradition of Cultural Heritage of the Native Indians” in the Amazonas Region.

Till date we have successfully managed to secure a total of 80,000 Brazilian Real to start the initial funding of the projects. We thank the Brazilian government for this grant.

The land where the school will be built on belongs to the Cipia people and we are helping them raising the funds for construction of the school buildings and for providing certain tools.

The main objectives of the school will be :

1. The transmission of "The Memories of the Elders" to selected tribe members and enlightened citizens of planet earth to ensure "The tradition of the Cipia Prayers" .

2. Tradition of Cultural Heritage, Customs and Traditions.

3. Tradition of knowledge on Cultivation and Use of Medicinal Plants and their treatments.

4. How to live in symbiosis with nature and the appropriate use of its resources.

The Medicinal Plantations Project

As a second project we understood from our local counterparts there being a need and a will to focus on cultivating plants for Medicinal, pharmacological research and alternative medicine. Many of the plants are scattered throughout the Amozone and some of the most precious and potent plants and fruits are only to be found deep in the amazon.

During our conversations with the tribes, we have learned we are unaware of so many plants and herbs due to the difficult access to the Amazone and we have been introduced to  the tradition of thousands of years of knowledge from the indians. As a source of income we have together raised the idea of starting plantations in the Amazone, where we will grow plants for medicinal use which can be purchased by either :

1. Universities

2. Pharmaceutical companies

3. Etc…

The Native tribes possess a great knowledge in regards to cultivating these plants and also knowing what the possible applications are when they aren't processed and pure. In collaboration with our contacts at the UFAM we believe we can contribute to a better Global Health. By raising the plantations we provide the native tribes with the necessary income and we protect the valuable land by using it for responsible planting instead of cultivating it as simple crop land, Logging or mining or for cattle, which are all nature exhausting industries.